Are you peering?

Are you peering? Some people peer at the computer screen, others peer while driving, some peer all the time.

When you peer:-

1.  your chin goes forward.

2.  your head and neck are no longer over your shoulders.

3.  you get an increased curve of the neck and a hump at the base of the neck.

4. your head tilts back on your neck.

5.  the muscle (in green) becomes tight.

6.  your shoulders become rounded and stooped.
head_side ant posture

The result of this is that the muscles at the back of the neck and shoulders have to work harder to keep your head up. This, along with over extension of where your head sits on your neck, can lead to headaches, neck pain or shoulder pain.

To correct this posture, you need to bring your chin back towards your neck around where the Adams Apple is. This automatically brings the shoulders back into a better position.head_side normal posture

Sometimes the muscle (in green) needs to be streched, to allow the head and neck to move back into a better position.

If you would like help to reduce headaches, neck and shoulder pain, please make an appointment with Anna Potter. You can do this online at, or phone 0141 332 2220.

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