Holiday tips

It is holiday time. Here are a few reminders and hints to help you look after your back and prevent low back pain.

1. When pulling your luggage, swap your luggage to your other hand regularly. Pulling your luggage causes a twist through your body and may strain your sacroiliac joints.

man twisting with luggage

2. Remember there are still times when you need to pick up your luggage, such as getting it in and out of a car, checking in luggage and removing it from a carousel. Be aware of your back at this time, especially that you do not over arch your back.

3. Sun loungers are very low, take care when getting on and off them.

4. Some sun loungers do not lay completely flat. This may cause an arch in your back when lying face down. Fill in the gap with a towel to prevent this.

5. Look after your back when sitting for prolonged periods of time in a plane, car, bus or train. Make sure you move or change your sitting position frequently. A folded hand towel in the small of your back or under your buttocks, helps change the position of your pelvis and back and may help prevent or relieve any low back pain.

Enjoy your holiday.

If you do suffer with low back pain, as an osteopath, I see many people with back problems. Make an appointment online to see me today.

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