Twisted Ankle

Many people twist their ankle. It can also be called a rolled ankle. It can happen when you fall off a kerb, step or uneven ground, fall off your shoe, while playing sport or just mis-stepping.

When this happens, you are usually moving. So what may happen, is that you twist the rest of your foot as you put weight through it. This may cause bruising and/or swelling in your foot.Image

Depending on how badly you twist it, your ankle may become permanently swollen, especially around the ankle bone.

The ankle is not the only joint affected:-

1. The joints through the foot may become restricted, so your foot does not move as easily as it did.

2. The 2 bones in the lower leg may become misaligned. this can cause the muscles in the leg, especially the calf to tighten. The Achilles tendon may become sore.Image

Longer term, if there has been a change in the way you use your ankle and foot, this may affect your knee, hip and back.

As an osteopath in Glasgow, I can help to resolve this problem, I will feel your foot, ankle and leg. I will use techniques such as mobilisation, to improve the movement of the joints of the foot and ankle. This will allow the foot and lower leg to realign, which will lead to relaxation the muscles of the leg and a reduction of swelling.

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